Jennifer Lopez and Jack meet again on 'Will & Grace,' this time he's a corpse

Jennifer Lopez returned to Will & Grace on Thursday night after making multiple appearances in the show’s original run — the most memorable had to be the Season 6 finale, in which she sang at Karen’s wedding with Jack (Sean Hayes) as a backup dancer. This time she played herself as well as Harlee Santos, her character from her real-life show, Shades of Blue.

Jack got the role of a corpse in Shades of Blue, but naturally he couldn’t lie still. J.Lo, as Santos, was explaining to a grieving mother where they had found her son when they pulled out the body, revealing Jack. Right about that moment Jack couldn’t help but speak — during multiple takes.

The first take, Jack asked J.Lo if she remembered him. “Who is this?” she said. Why is this corpse talking?” Jack responded, “You don’t remember me. That’s OK. It’s a little hurtful. But it’s … you meet a lot of people. So do I. I remembered you, but let’s just go again. Let’s go again.”

In the subsequent takes he reminded her he was a backup dancer, asked about the mother’s makeup, laughed uncontrollably, and attempted to get a selfie with J.Lo. She eventually had to draw the line.

The body gets pulled out one more time and this time it’s J.Lo who speaks to Jack: “This is how it’s done, jackass.”

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