Jennifer Lopez wants more credit for being unmedicated

(Photo: Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez is more than a triple threat. The dancer-singer-actress-producer has a long list of skills — and she knows it.

On Wednesday, Lopez gave herself some props with a quote posted to Instagram: “I don’t think I get enough credit…For the fact that I do all of this unmedicated.”

The 48-year-old takes famously good care of her body, avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and apparently any of the other “medications” that would make her day a little easier.

The post has more than 250,000 likes and thousands of comments from fans who recognize how hard Lopez works. “Of course, we’re all with you,” wrote one fan. Other commenters agreed with support like “Amen Sister!” and “You are amazing.”

While plenty of people can relate to Lopez’s “always working” mentality, some fans have taken offense, worrying that the post adds to the stigma surrounding mental health and medical treatment. As one commenter wrote, “what a really stupid thing to post. People who need medication to help them get things done are not any less of a person. We’re not all filthy rich and you probably wouldn’t last 30 seconds in a real job. Shocking. Unfollowing and hopefully a lot of others will as well.” Another fan couldn’t relate, but still managed to laugh off the post. “No, I’m fully medicated,” she wrote.

One fan put it best: “Nothing wrong with being medicated if it helps you do what you need to do. Self-care doesn’t look the same on everyone.” True that.

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