Jennifer Hudson Singing With Patti LaBelle for Her Birthday Is a Master Class

Abby West
Senior Editor
Patti Labelle and Jennifer Hudson celebrated the icon’s 73rd birthday together. (Photo: Jennifer Hudson via Instagram)

Jennifer Hudson shared some behind-the-scenes photos and video from last night’s birthday party for Ms. Patti LaBelle. The musical powerhouse turned 73 on May 24 surrounded by family and friends, and she seemed to be enjoying every minute of it.

After YouTuber/singer James Wright Chanel — who made his name with his enthusiastic reaction to Patti Pie two years ago — sang a passionate “Happy Birthday” to the icon, she thanked her longtime band members and gave a shout-out to her son Zuri Edwards, who is also her manager. “He’s the best son a woman and a mother could ever have.”

Of course, that wasn’t the only singing going on last night. As Hudson, 35, put it, “When @mspattilabelle say sing u better sing !” The Oscar winner shared a clip she posted of herself, LaBelle, and Wright preparing to harmonize and then belting out some lyrics to “You Are My Friend.” “@jameswrightchanel took a note and so did I !” she wrote. “@mspattilabelle birthday celebration and a evening full of moments , I will never forget !”

They moved on to R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly.” In the video they continued to tease each other about who would go high and who would go low. In the first clip, LaBelle told Hudson to take the top notes. By the third clip, that changed. “She always get back on top,” Hudson said, mugging to the camera before she told the legendary soprano, “You take it. You Patti.” Her caption for the melodic clip said it all: “Becuz of legends like u @mspattilabelle we know we have wings to fly with too.”

The actress and singer was clearly enthralled by her mentor and friend. “So in love with these moments ! Such an honor to be in your presence @mspattilabelle,” Hudson gushed.

And of course, Hudson did end up having a little solo moment and taking us to church with a rendition of the gospel song “Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There.” “Well I wasn’t planning on singing but @mspattilabelle insisted I sing her a Lil something anyhow,” she explained.

As she said, when Patti LaBelle tells you to sing on her birthday, you’d better sing.

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