Jeff Goldblum Becomes Psychotherapist to the Superheroes

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Jeff Goldblum made an appearance on Conan for San Diego Comic-Con as Dr. Leonard Meshbesher: psychotherapist to the superheroes. In a pretaped sketch, he tried to fix the tension between Storm and Professor X from X-Men. He said, “Storm? We can’t read your mind. Well, maybe he can.”

Meshbesher explained, “Superheroes help other people. That’s what they’re in the business to do, but so often they’ve got issues around Dada. Daddy issues.”

And although they’re not superheroes, he showed a clip of a session in which Luke Skywalker confronted Darth Vader about cutting his hand off.

By far, his most important work was with a group of orphans, Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man, learning to trust again by performing trust fall exercises. It ended with Spider-Man falling flat on his back and shooting web into Superman’s and Batman’s faces.

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