Jeb Bush set to go into the baseball business with a bid for the Miami Marlins

David Millward
Jeb Bush - REUTERS

Jeb Bush is set to follow his brother George in becoming the owner of a baseball franchise.

The former Florida governor and one time favourite for the Republican presidential nomination, before being swept aside by the Donald Trump juggernaut, hopes to close a deal for the Miami Marlins.

He has teamed up with Derek Jeter, who won the World Series five times with the New York Yankees, in bidding for the team.

The two men were rivals for franchise, before joining forces.

Jeb Bush wants to buy Miami Marlins Credit: Christian Cotter/AP

“Given the interest we have inside Miami and among people that are potential partners, I'm really excited about it,” Mr Bush said.

The Bush-Jeter bid is one of several under consideration.

While Jeter can bring baseball expertise, it will be Mr Bush’s task to provide the business acumen for a team which has been starved of success for more than a decade.

“Derek is going to be in charge of the baseball. He fully appreciates the need to do this in a patient way," Mr Bush added.

Baseball does run in the Bush family with his brother George having been the controlling owner of the Texas Rangers until he became governor of Texas in 1995.

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