JD(U) distances itself from spokesperson Pavan Verma's tweet questioning EC on Gujarat assembly polls

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Patna recently, NDA's new ally Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar went all out to praise his leadership.

But not everyone in Kumar's Janata Dal (United) agrees with him. Spokesperson and general secretary Pavan Varma tweeted asking the Election Commission about the delay in announcing Gujarat election dates. "We need credible answers", the tweet read.

Clarifying the party's stance, secretary KC Tyagi said that the comments made by Pavan Verma were in his personal capacity and the party had nothing to do with it.

The u-turn came within hours of Varma's tweet.

"We have full faith in the impartial functioning of the Election Commission, the constitutional body, Shri Varma was not authorised to make such comment and the expressed views are in his personal capacity and it has nothing to do with party's official line," read the statement.

JD(U) was left red faced after Varma tweeted on Monday morning expressing dissatisfaction over Election Commission's decision to delay the announcement of assembly polls last week.

A barrage of tweets followed questioning relations between the two new allies. Many expressed surprise over Varma's comment while some even went on to the extent of asking him to clarify if his account was hacked.