JCB, BCA target Indonesian market with new credit card

Dancers wearing Japanese kimono and Indonesian traditional costumes performed at the launched of JCB-BCA joint venture to launch a credit card. BCA or Bank Central Asia is the leading financial company in Indonesia. It has not only contributed to economic development but has also raised people's living standard in Indonesia. Officers of both companies exchanged costumes for each other at the launching ceremony. Jahja Setiaatmadja, President and Director of BCA and Kimihisa Imada, President of JCB International exchanged dolls for Japan and Indonesia to symbolize JCB0-BCA black credit card. Many guests also wore traditional costumes including the Indonesian people who wore kimonos. Japanese wore Indonesian style costumes. The display shows the fusion and exchange between Japan and Indonesia. Many tourists from Southeast Asia visit Japan. Fusion of shopping tools and collaboration of Japanese and Southeast Asian countries make shopping and travelling more convenient and enjoyable.