Social media influencer Jayda McCann dies aged 24 following battle with rare cancer

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK

A popular beauty influencer has died from a rare form of cancer at the age of 24.

Wellbeing blogger Jade ‘Jayda’ McCann, from County Wicklow, Ireland, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as PEComa in March 2018 and shared her battle with the disease online.

Ms McCann, who had around 70,000 followers on Instagram, passed on Thursday, October 24. Her death was announced on the social media site.

The final post on her Instagram page (INSTAGRAM)

She had been diagnosed with a PEComa - Perivascular epithelioid cell tumour - in her vulva, which later spread to her lungs.

PEComa tumours can form in the soft tissues of the stomach, intestines, lungs or female reproductive organs but most are benign.

She was diagnosed with cancer shortly after her dad was told he had prostate cancer - and believed she had caught the cancer in its early stages.

In April this year, her condition worsened after she discovered the medication she was taking was not working.

She started radiation therapy in May 2019 for the tumour on her lung, which was pressing on her ribcage, which led to hairloss.

She revealed her shaved head in early June.

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Martin Ledwick, head information nurse at Cancer Research UK, said in a statement to Newsbeat: "It can be inspiring and helpful to others going through cancer when someone shares their experience so openly, like Jayda did.

"It can also give people a way of getting things off their chest - many find it helps them to cope if they tell their story."

Tributes from followers and fans poured in, with the popular figure described as “relentlessly positive”.

One heartfelt tweet read: “My heart is broken for Jade/Jayda McCann. She tried everything and was relentlessly positive, an absolute warrior.

“Cancer is pure evil. We worked together in the Martello years ago and I’m glad the events scene brought us back in touch recently. Strength to her to her family.”

Another fan tweeted: “It’s days like today and the news of Jayda McCann that makes you realise just how important life is.. had myself stressed out to bits the last few days about college and money when really none of that matters at all.. so so heartbreaking can’t stop thinking of her poor family.”

A wake will be held at Patrick O’Donovan & Son Funeral Home in Sallynoggin, Dublin, on Friday between 1pm to 10pm with all welcome to pay their respects.