Jayalalithaa vows to take action against illegal mining

Chennai, Dec. 17 (ANI): Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa on Monday said the state's law and order machinery is taking strict action to curb illegal mining.

It recently confiscated over 40 billion rupees worth of mining contracts.

Talking to reporters here, Jayalalithaa said the state has also registered 1,627 cases of land grabbing, which have been given back to their rightful owners.

"1,627 cases (of land grabbing) have been registered and properties worth Rs. 835. 94 crore have been returned to the rightful owners. In a similar fashion, granite valued at Rs. 4000 crore that was found to have been illegally mined is being confiscated," said Jayalalithaa.

"Further in cases where granite was mined and sold off illegally action is being pursued for attachment of property equivalent to above 9,783 crore rupees and for securing an early conviction for the culprits," she added.

Meanwhile, commenting on the overall law and order situation, she said in the last 14 months left wing extremism and religious fundamentalism has not been allowed to prosper.

"Instances of communal tension were speedily brought under control and there is an atmosphere of satisfied calm with regard to the corrective measures undertaken," said Jayalalithaa.

She emphasized that all of this has been possible because of the effective coordination that exists between the collectors and the intelligence of police in various districts across the state. (ANI)