Jawans mutiliated: Former army officers demand strong retribution for Pakistan's cross-border attacks

Two former Army officers - and others - have called for retribution after the Pakistan Army mutilated the bodies of two Indian soldiers at the LoC yesterday.

Following Pakistan's cross-border attack on an Indian military post, and a Pakistan Border Action Team (BAT)'s mutilation of the bodies of two Indian soldiers, the general emotion all over India is that of unbridled rage against its neighbour.

While former soldiers are ready to fight Pakistan again to avenge this act, furious citizens are demanding action. Several social organizations are taking to the streets in protest of Pakistan's actions and are asking the BJP government to act immediately.

In Agra, too, a large group of prominent citizens organized a candle march from the MD Jain Inter College to Shaheed Smarak. The march culminated in prayer meeting for the martyred soldiers at the Shaheed Smarak, and candles were placed at the memorial.

Yogesh Puri, the Mahant of Mankameshwar Temple, said Pakistan has breached India's borders time and again, but the central and state governments - no matter what their party affiliation may be - only seek to condemn these attacks, with no concrete action.

Until Pakistan is taught a lesson in the strongest possible way, such activities will continue from across the border, and India will continue losing lives of its brave soldiers, he added.


Major (Retd) Dr Y V S Chauhan said that the Pakistanis don't have the courage to face the Indian army directly, so they seek to hurt India through such cowardly actions - like mutilating the bodies of martyred India soldiers.

He said that if such incidents continue to happen, the morale of the Indian Army will be diminished.

The Indian government should give a free hand to soldiers to avenge such actions of Pakistan on its own land, he said.

As long as India continues to let Pakistan get away such acts, innocent soldiers will continue to die unnecessarily, he added.

Capt. (Retd) Nihal Singh said the Army needs a morale booster in light of such attacks by Pakistan - both direct and through proxy - and that it's time to give it a fitting answer it won't forget.

Meanwhile, social activist Vijay Upadhyay said only time will tell how PM Modi chooses to answer Pakistani aggression, and whether it will be through diplomacy or through direct action.

The people of India now seek direct action as the PM Narendra Modi's diplomacy model has not brought any desired returns, he said.


Bhartiya Muslim Vikas Parishad chairman Sami Aghai said it's time Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reminded of promises he made regarding Pakistan during the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign.

The type of diplomacy PM Modi is using with Pakistan may be good for a civilized country, but not for such a barbaric nation like our neighbour, he said.

Ex-Servicemen Society Secretary Veer Bahadur Singh said the time had come to teach Pakistan a lesson.

It won't suffice to give an answer to this barbaric act alone, but it's time to seek retribution for each and every such act, he said.

Indian soldiers can't continue laying down their lives for nothing, and this isn't what they are signing up for, he added.

The Ex-Servicemen Society will pass a resolution on this issue at a convention which will be held in Himachal Pradesh later this year, Veer Bahadur Singh said.

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