Jaw-dropping Video Captures Alligator Chomping on a Watermelon in a Single Bite

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A video showing an American alligator smashing a watermelon into smithereens has gone viral on social media.

The slow-motion video captured at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park and posted on Facebook shows a man throwing a watermelon into the open jaws of an American alligator called ‘Bomber’.

Within seconds, the watermelon is seen crushed into pieces, demonstrating the incredible biting power of the gator.

Netizens commenting on the video described the scene as “awesome” and “incredible.”

Bomber is one of the largest American alligators at the park, according to the post.

A male adult American alligator measures somewhere around 13-14 feet in length.

The world's largest American alligator ever killed in the wild is on display at the Montgomery Zoo since 2015. Named ‘Stokes’ after the couple, who caught and killed it on the Alabama River during an annual alligator hunt, the 15-foot, 9-inch alligator weighed 1,011 pounds (458.8 Kg).

Compared to the average 162 pounds per square inch strength of a human bite, an American alligator can shred its prey into pieces with an incredible biting force of 2125 pounds per square inch. A BBC Science Focus report ranked the American alligator third on its list of animals with the most powerful bite.