Javier Fever Talks About COVID-19

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Javier Fever is a Puerto Rican artist, singer, songwriter, dancer and actor who resides in Florida, United States. The singer revealed to us that at the beginning of July 2020 he realized that he could not smell or taste his food, which led him to feel very worried since these symptoms were very common in the recent pandemic known as Covid 19. Javier was to get tested as quickly as possible and determine if he had been infected or not, and to his surprise the test determined that he had been infected by covid 19.

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The Puerto Rican artist tells us that Covid was not fun since he was very concerned about not infecting a family member and any of his friends. He also says that it was difficult to stay away from his loved ones since he likes to be around and share with his family and friends. After going through this experience the singer decided to build his own music studio and start to create a lot of projects to release whenever he got better. He expressed that he’s very grateful with everyone who was always looking out for him and making sure he wouldn’t go through this experience alone even though no family member or any friends could get close. They always called and always made sure that he was doing ok. He says he’s lucky to have amazing friends and an amazing family that never failed him when he needed them most.

The artist advises everyone to take care of themselves, wear a mask, maintain social distancing and listen to what professionals say so that they do not go through the same thing that happened. Javier Fever's last words were “we have to beat this pandemic together! If we take care of ourselves and think about our safety and the safety of others we can finally stop it from spreading and go back to the normal days ”

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