Jasleen Matharu BLASTS Deepak Thakur For Mocking Her Bikini Look; Deepak BEGS Not To Go Legal Way!

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Deepak Thakur got into a major trouble as he mocked his ex-Bigg Boss contestant Jasleen Matharu's bikini look with a kid in a video. Apparently, in the video, Deepak was seen asking a kid about what he would do if he entered the Bigg Boss house and the kid said that he would like to have some fun and go into the swimming pool with Jasleen Matharu! The video went viral and apparently Jasleen started received disturbing comments. She later got to know about Deepak's video and was extremely miffed with him. She was also planning to take legal action against him.

‘How Dare He Do That?’

In an interview with Spotboye, Jasleen was seen lashing out at Deepak. Talking about the video, Jasleen said that Deepak's video was not at all funny as the comments that she read below were terribly disturbing. She says, "How dare he do that! The moment I came across the video, I immediately went to the police."

Jasleen Wanted To File Defamation Case On Deepak!

Jasleen revealed that at the police station, the police called Deepak and lashed out at him as well as ordered him to remove the video from social media. The police also told Deepak that Jasleen might file a defamation case on him and he might not even get bail.

Deepak Got Afraid & Apologised

Jasleen said, "Then he got afraid and uski zaban ladkhadane lagi. He started apologising to the police, to me, my father and saying, 'I will remove it immediately. It was just for fun.'"

Why Jasleen Didn’t File Case On Deepak?

She added that since he begged, she didn't file a case against Deepak. She said, "Because voh itna gidd gidane lag gaya. I thought of forgiving him. I have that conversation recorded where he is begging me and my father to not take any legal action."

‘Deepak Is Such A Shameless Person’

Deepak also went live on social media and apologised. She said, "I saw that video also where he is apologising for his mistake around 5-6 times. But the annoying part is that he is blaming me for all this and saying that I am trying to derive publicity from this. Does he even realise what's he talking about a girl? He is such a shameless person."

‘He Does Wrong & Starts Playing The Victim Card’

"I am so annoyed with him but the only thing which is stopping me to take any major step against him is his parents. Believe me, they are so good. I have seen them in the videos and he is so opposite to them. He does wrong things and then starts playing the victim card of being bhola bhala."

Jasleen’s Father Lashes Out At Deepak

On the other hand, Jasleen's father Kesar was also furious with Deepak. He told Bollywoodlife, "The video was extremely objectionable. My daughter got so many negative comments due to it. People spoke rubbish about it. It was disturbing and derogatory. So, we went to the police to file a complaint against Deepak."

‘Deepak Sounded Apologetic & Was Almost Crying’

Kesar added, "Deepak sounded apologetic and was almost crying. He said the video was in fun and he had pulled it down. What is the use after it got viewed by over a lakh people who were nasty to my daughter? He says it was innocent fun. I want to ask him would he make such videos about his family members? He said his father was a simple man and he was embarrassed about his actions. We withdrew the complaint keeping all that in mind."

‘He Has No Business Calling Jasleen Publicity Hungry’

Jasleen is not in touch with Deepak post Bigg Boss. Kesar said, "This was unnecessary. He made headlines with the video, he has no business calling Jasleen publicity hungry. What was deplorable was that he was promoting such indecency with a kid in that video. Shameful."

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