Jared Padalecki’s Letter to His Kids Is the Cutest Thing Ever

You’re going to want to grab your tissues for this one, because Jared Padalecki is about to give you all the feels.

The Supernatural star wrote a love letter to his three children — Thomas, 5; Shepherd, 3; and Odette, 3 months — shortly after Father’s Day. Thanks to Jared’s wife, Genevieve Cortese, we get a glimpse into his sensitive soul.

Get ready to laugh, cry, and sort of hate your husband for not doing the same thing.

“I wanted to take this opportunity, after my FIFTH fathers day (and counting), not to say ‘you’re welcome,’ but to say ‘thank you,’” Padalecki, 34, begins before rattling off 16 hilarious ways his kids have tortured him.

We’ll highlight a few of our favorites:

“You’ve given me sleepless nights where i thought you might NEVER, in fact, go back to sleep… you’ve peed on me, pooped on me, and vomited on me (though not always necessarily in that order),” he writes.

“You’ve turned my office into a ‘secret candy storage bunker,’” he adds.

“You’ve coerced me into watching cartoons and animated movies over and over and over again… and over again.”

He ends the funny portion by saying, “you’ve reduced me to tears whenever i witness you in pain.”

Padalecki then turns each funny experience into the most positive (and cutest) thing in the world.

“Thank you for letting me experience that special feeling you have when you know the world around you is sleeping… thank you for making me wash my clothes more often than i used to (did your mother put you up to this?),” he says.

“Thank you for our ‘don’t tell mom’ excursions up to my office to have a sweet treat (i, TOO, really do love candy…),” he gushes. “Thank you for giving me a believable excuse to watch lion king and ninja turtles and paw patrol (i really do love them :)…)”

“You’ve taught me more than any mentor or teacher ever could,” he finishes.

We’re not crying… you’re crying. (When you stop, you can read all of Jared’s 16 “thank-yous” here.)

“I have your back. now and always,” he concludes. “though, i should warn you, sometimes ‘having your back’ will mean not letting you do something you think you want to. or, maybe it will even mean ‘scolding you’ when you’re doing something dangerous, or ‘correcting you’ when you’re frustrated and lashing out, or not quite being who your mother and i know you can be.”

Padalecki continues, “You’ve humbled me. you’ve helped me rediscover the joy of discovery. you’ve turned my world upside down… and i wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Yep, it’s safe to say Jared has really taken to this whole father thing.

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