Japan's traditional temple attracts foreign tourists

Narita International Airport is main gateway connecting international flights to Tokyo which is 80km away from the airport. Many travelers waiting for connecting flights chose to visit the area around the airport because it offers chance to enjoy old Japanese culture. "Naritasan Shinshouji Temple" is one of the largest temples in Japan, It has a history of over 1000 years, during which it has attracted many believers. It is also famous for its "Goma Praying" or Fire Ritual where people offer prayers in front of a consecrated fire. "Naritasan Shinshouji Temple" has a ritual of performing Goma prayers every single day. Part of the fun is visiting 'Naritasan' where traditional stores are lined up over the distance from railway station to the temple. It's a product made from bamboo, and it is a very useful tool for local people in this area, once an agricultural area. The Narita area is known as a place where natural eel can be harvested. In Japanese food culture, eel is popular dish for building stamina. Eel food is also popular with foreign tourists. This area was once a hotel town, but after the airport opened up, the transportation infrastructure and many hotels have been changed into product stores and restaurants. With the development, the town's appearance has been modernized, but this area in Narita still allows visitors to enjoy the scenery of old Japan.

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