Japan's Itamuro Onsen converts as 'workation' amid pandemic

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Japan is famous for the concept of long working hours.
Japan is famous for the concept of long working hours.

Nasushiobara [Japan], June 4 (ANI): Itamuro Onsen in Japan's Nasushiobara city is a famous tourist destination with hot springs and picturesque views.

The area has a number of hotels. Due to coronavirus, few tourists are coming to this city. However, some visitors are coming here for remote work.

Rei Oishi is a web designer, who is staying in the hotel where she is doing her office work without going to her office building in a much-refreshed environment.

This kind of lifestyle is called "workation" the word combines work and vacation.

"This trip is my first 'workation' trip. I chose "Itamuro Onsen" because it is very close, it takes an hour by train from Tokyo and the nature here is very beautiful. I can concentrate and work in a quiet room and when I came here I feel calm as I listen to the sound of the river water coming from the window, feeling natural during my work is great feeling," Oishi said.

The travel association of Nasu- Shiobara is preparing to welcome customers by taking measure against the coronavirus.

"We have been periodically checking for corona infection for all employees in the service sector of the town since the beginning of last October with the support of the city government, in order to increase the care on the one hand and to reassure visitors on the other," Masatoshi Ogiwara of Tourism Association in Nasu-Shiobara City said.

Japan is famous for the concept of long working hours.

However, the pandemic situation has positively contributed to reduce stress among employees and raise their productivity by concepts like working vacation. (ANI)