Japanese School Introduces Giorgio Armani-Branded Uniforms For Students; Each Would Cost 525 Pounds

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Japan has always been known to be a stylish nation. But this school in Japan has taken things to a new high by introducing uniforms worth 525 pounds each! These uniforms have been designed by Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani and has sparked off a huge debate in Japan. The school in question is the Taimei Elementary School in Tokyo’s upmarket Ginza district. Reportedly, the local education board has confirmed that school will adopt the designer uniforms from April. And a number of parents of children attending the Taimei Elementary School have complained after the new uniforms were unveiled. The Telegraph reports that the Italian fashion house designed the school’s uniform to reflect its prestigious location.

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The highly-expensive uniform includes a hat and bag and sharply tailored blazers. Add-ons like bags can push the total set’s cost even higher. While people say this is too expensive a uniform for growing kids, the school states that it is not compulsory for all students to buy them. However, critics complain that parents will be compelled to buy them in order to ensure that their child does not feel left out. The Daily Mail states that  Japan has a reputation for some of the trendiest school uniforms in the world – with some schools actively encouraging pupils to be as stylish and fashionable as possible. But the news of Armani-designed uniform hasn’t gone down well with the parents. The Kyodo news agency reports that the local education board had received a string of complaints from parents who were unconvinced by the school’s explanation that the designer uniform would be good branding.

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The school authorities have justified the move by arguing that the outfits were necessary so that pupils at the 150-year-old school would not look out of place in Ginza district. But it did not help sway public opinion in their favour. Many called this move outrageous. What’s more, the discussion even reached the Parliament, where opposition lawmaker Manabu Terada questioned the need for such an expensive uniform at a public school with students from a range of backgrounds. It remains to be seen whether the school goes ahead with its new uniform or changes its mind considering all the opposition.