Japanese company Raysum adds several components to hospitality amid pandemic

Hakata is one of the oldest cities in Japan and is famous for traditional culture and delicious food. Here old and new mix is in harmony. The big cat object is the landmark of hostel "Webase Hakata" produced by Raysum. "Webase Hakata" has the role of cultural hub in the town of Hakata City. It is preparing to welcome travelers after a decrease in footfall because of Covid-19. The room is designed to be easy to use according to the application. There are box-type, twin-bed and double-bed rooms. This big room is community space. Selected Journey books are carefully displayed here. In addition, guests can prepare their own food in the kitchen. Community space is used for local cultural dissemination. Japanese traditional music "Ohayashi" was played by a local group. This is a picture of Japanese lantern "Cho Chin" that can be seen at festivals in Japan. Teacher is a traditional craft master. This is Japanese traditional cloth "Furoshiki". Visitors can learn how to wrap various things using "Furoshiki". The event of a cultural experience has become an important part of the community that connects travelers and local people. "Webase Hakata" and regional cooperation will offer foreign travelers a lot of charm in Japan with the end of Covid-19 in near future.