Japanese companies foraying into Myanmar, China markets

Myanmar's growing economic growth provides ample space for foreign companies to grow. Recently, TOTO Myanmar held its showroom grand opening in Yangon. The new facility allow visitors to better understand the internal functions and the mechanism of the equipment as well as TOTO's new technologies. The clean high-performance products with the most advanced technology are helping improving people's lives in Myanmar. Opened in 1993, Shanghai Rinnai now takes the larger portion of sales in China. In order to enhance the branding power, themed as "inheriting the craftsmanship with a new start," a grand opening ceremony of the new facility was held recently. The integrated industrial park consists of research and development, production, storage, and sales functions together. Compared to the original space, the capacity has been doubled. The production equipment and the management style of process meets that of the parent company in Japan. With technology synchronized with Rinnai Technologies in Japan, the advanced laboratory has made it possible to develop new products on its own at Shanghai Rinnai, as well as expediting the process of development. For over a hundred years, Rinnai has been concentrating on heat energy and gas heating technology. The cultivated artisan spirit matches the craftsman spirit advocated by the Chinese government. In the future, in order to provide a comfortable and convenient life to consumers, Shanghai Rinnai will make overall arrangement including three main business sections of the water heater, heating systems and kitchen appliances. With the increased popularization of gas heating products, the gas heating industry in China will grow tremendously.