Japan zoo stages safety drill with staff member dressed in lion costume; video clip goes viral

The Zoo keepers in Japan have been a part of a lion escape drill

A zoo in Japan recently conducted a safety drill to train its staff on how to respond in the event a lion escapes from its enclosure. However, as it is impractical to use a real lion, they instead decided to dress up a staff member for the drill.

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A video of the mock-drill, which was conducted at the Tobe Zoo in Ehime, soon went viral, leaving many amused. In the 59-second clip, the "lion" can be seen roaming around the premises of the zoo, "attacking" those that tried to capture it. Soon, a van follows the "escaped lion" and one of the zookeepers fires a tranquiliser, making the lion fall to the ground.

The drill was staged to create a real-life situation so that employees of the zoo are prepared. After the pretend-animal was shot, it was poked with a long stick to check whether it’s still conscious, and later workers rushed to wrap its body in a net.

Interestingly, the viral clip also seemed to feature some real lions, who can be seen peacefully sitting in a corner and probably judging the drill. Once shared online, it did not take long for the clip to go viral, with many commenting on the reactions of the real lions and the mock drill.