Japan: Workout while playing video games becoming popular

Tokyo (Japan), June 04 (ANI): Gaming companies of Japan have achieved record sales last year. That is because people stayed at home due to the pandemic. As people stay indoors due to Coronavirus, companies are presenting their games and devices as a way to beat the lockdown blues and remain socially distant through virtual reality. This youngster is doing exercises like running, jogging and push-ups. His coach is the electronic game while his parents play the role of fan. Sakuragi's family bought an electronic gaming device after the Corona pandemic which is helping family members regain fitness as they are staying indoors in the midst of the pandemic. Other games enable families to have fun together. By connecting this device to the Internet, children can play with his friends virtually and remotely. With its famous heroes, Japanese electronic games have entered almost every house since the 1980s, and they are now promoting their games to overcome the social distancing imposed by the pandemic. Electronic games are usually meant for recreation. But during the pandemic, it has also become a way to counter depression and boredom during the pandemic.