Japan using technology to improve social life

Tokyo, June 15 (ANI): The host of Olympic 2020, Tokyo city is expecting more and more foreign visitors. As per the Japan National Tourism Organization a record 13 million foreign tourists visited Tokyo in 2014. In a bid to facilitate foreign visitors at Kansai International airport, NTT Communications Corporation has installed SIM card vending machine. Natsuko Tabata, Senior Manager, Network Services Division, NTT Communications Corporation, said, "Our SIM card has the brand name called "OCN Mobile One" and is having the largest market in Japan. Its connection is stable so it's popular among Japanese customers. We also want foreign tourists to use our card for more convenient internet environment. We have installed an innovative vending machine at Kansai International Airport because majority of foreign tourists land here." The customers can buy a SIM card and also activate it with their credit card and passport. The touch screen operation enables users to understand the products more easily. The facility is available round the clock. "We want more and more customers to use this vending machine. So, we will install more machines at other airports and shopping complexes," Tabata added. Japan is rapidly shifting towards renewable source of energy. And the experts are utilizing country's abundant water surfaces by constructing floating solar power plant. Kyocera TCL Solar LLC, which came up with floating solar power generation systems, generates more electricity than ground-mount and roof-top systems due to the cooling effect of the water. Ichiro Ikeda, an official with the Kyocera Corporation, said, "We can offer natural energy to the people by utilizing ponds which exist in their residential areas without harming the nature. We are proud of this project." The company's third floating mega-solar power plant in Hyogo prefecture is welcomed by the local residents. The 2.3-megawatt plant produces enough electricity to power some 820 households annually. "It was difficult to stabilize the floating panel. For example, we did all kinds of things for anchor work. Also it's designed to be able to withstand any water level changes. If an opportunity offers we want to take advantage of our expertise and construct a floating mega-solar power plant abroad," Ikeda added. Kyocera hopes to contribute to the expansion of renewable energy and development of a low carbon society globally. (ANI)

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