Japan’s Sushi Restaurant Served A Fresh Moving Clam Sushi To A Customer (Video)

Kritika Vaid
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Japan’s Sushi Restaurant Served A Fresh Moving Clam Sushi To A Customer (Video)

When the dish was brought to the table the seafood which was placed on top could be seen moving.

Why do we go out and eat in a restaurant? So that we can chill with our friends & family and order the yummiest dish of all from the menu. The idea of eating fresh food in a restaurant sounds tempting but in Japan, fresh food has a different meaning altogether. A sushi enthusiast in Japan was left astonished after discovering his meal was so fresh that it waved at him moments before he enters it in the mouth. In a squirmish video of the bizarre moment posted by Twitter user “shoumizo3446”, a clam sitting on top of sushi rice was still wriggling when it reached the serving plate. The video taken at Sushiro, a popular conveyor belt Sushi chain in Japan, shows the writhing clam being poked by chopsticks as customers are heard having a laugh.

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According to local media, the diner had ordered a plate of “hokkigai”, or surf clam, sushi. Specifically, the diner ordered “iki hokkigai”, which means the sushi topping is prepared using live seafood. People online were divided over why the sushi was still moving. Some argued that it was a sign of freshness, while others said it was a “spinal reflex”. Some commenters said the movement meant the clam had not been properly prepared by the chef. But despite his moving meal, the brave diner didn’t seem to mind the moving clam. In tweets, he revealed that he did eat the dish and that it was “very delicious”. (Also read: Bihar: RJD Leader Dances With Bar Girls, Fires Shot During Marriage, Video Goes Viral)

The video captioned, “the tragedy of Sushiro,” the barely 30-second video went massively viral with nearly 6 million views and 50,050 retweets since being posted. In a video taken of the meal, at first a slight ripple could be detected in the clam but as the dinner began to prod it with chopsticks the edge could be seen raising higher in the air. The video may make you queasy! Watch it here:

スシローの悲劇 pic.twitter.com/DDLhXuuP0l

— ブッチー (@shoumizo3446) February 11, 2018

The diner didn’t complain Sushiro about the moving clam sushi. However, the brave man enjoyed the fresh meal which was served to him. You guys do check your meals when you order from outside because he found out the meal to be delicious but you might not like it.