Japan promotes its traditional food and healing techniques

Okinawa is one of the top tourist destinations in Japan. It's warm weather and ocean of emerald green have been attracting tourists. The island comprises a treasure of flora and fauna. Also, it is known as having an excellent and nutritional food culture traditionally. In this nutritional food factory, they have been making famous Okinawan Shima Tofu using a traditional method of squeezing crushed soybeans and cooking it in a traditional cooking pot called Chigama. Living in the fast lane of today's stressful modern society, there is a growing need for healing. Companies are working on this from a variety of angles. This eyeglass maker is developing a total healing method from the point of view of eye care. A professional therapist came up with this idea of dog yoga. Owners would do yoga with their pets while breathing in unison with their pets. Thus, the importance of Quality of Life becomes ever more essential in today's society.