Japan has many attractions for foreign tourists

Tokyo, May 21 (ANI): "The Land of the Rising Sun" - Japan - attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world.

The country, which will host the 2020 Olympic Games, has a lot to offer to its visitors.

These tourists are being ferried from Takamatsu Airport to Setouchi Triennale 2013, a unique festival of contemporary art spread out and interlaced with the numerous islands dotting Japan's picturesque Seto Inland Sea.

"We are from San Francisco. We are here for vacations and I came here three years ago to see Setouchi art festival. This time I bring my friends along," said a visitor from San Francisco.

"Today, we go to Naoshima. So I not sure of how many of the special pieces we are going to see. She has never been to this place," said a visitor from California.

During the festival, nearly 150 artworks by artists from Japan and overseas, are exhibited on the twelve islands and around the ports of Takamatsu.

Some of the artworks are outdoors in the fields, along the coasts, or in villages.

The buildings are employed as exhibition spaces or have been converted into artworks themselves.

"We have hired a bicycle and we are going to bike around the island to see all the beautiful artwork and fine dining on this island," said a visitor from New York.

"I am from Hong Kong. I enjoy art work and I went to see Onna Bunraku - Japanese traditional doll theatre in Naoshima. I enjoyed a lot, especially because there was an introduction by the master of doll play. It was amazing," said a visitor from Hong Kong.

Another major attraction for tourists is the Japanese food.

In Tokyo, the city which has four times more restaurants than New York, you get the best Japanese Sushi.

For foreign visitors, who find difficulty in communicating in Japanese, Genki Sushi offers an amazing order and delivery system.

It has a multi-language menu panel to place an order.

"Every order is done through the touch panels. This system has been designed for easy use and quick delivery of fresh food," said the manager of Genki Sushi in Tokyo.

"It's my favourite Sushi place. Anybody who comes from India or comes from anywhere, I get them here. It's always very fascinating, especially for people from India because we have nothing like this because of the menu. I know what I am ordering," said a visitor from India.

Another famous attraction in Japan, especially for visitors from the West, is "Huis Ten Bosch", a theme park in Nagasaki prefecture, featuring many Dutch style buildings, city scape including castle, hotels, restaurants canals and boats.

Huis Ten Bosch had 4.25 million visitors in 1996. However, due to a fall in the number of visitors caused by economic slump in Japan, the park declared bankruptcy in 2003 with debt of 220 billion Yen.

Its rebuilding plan was sponsored by Nomura Principal Finance Company and in March 2010 H.I.S, a travel agency, took over the management and injected 2 billion Yen.

The largest theme park in Japan, Huis Ten Bosch attracts many tourists, including students especially for their school graduation trip.

H.I.S promotes English learning experience program through their study workshop program which takes place in English Square. (ANI)