Japan makes inroads into the developing markets

Vietnam is experiencing a rapid economic growth as customers' purchasing abilities have increased that leads to opening up of supermarkets. The surge in demand has given a boom to processed food industry. Located in Dong Nai Province in southeast Vietnam, a factory that manufactures daily processed food and meat has opened with the latest automation system. Japanese consular and officials from Dong Nai Province also attended the grand completion ceremony. As a processed food seller, AEON has collaborated with manufacturing companies and trading firms that are intended to provide delicatessen of Japanese quality. Not only food preservation, Japanese companies are making a mark in wrist watch manufacturing. The G-SHOCK wristwatch was released in 1993 by Japanese company Casio Computer Co., Ltd. Adding to the new value of toughness that withstands strong impact to the wristwatch as a precision machine, G-SHOCK was born when the developer, Mr. IBE accidentally broke his watch by dropping it on the floor, he decided to make a watch that wouldn't break when dropped. It seems that the space will be the next stage for G-SHOCK.