Japan introduces smart house project

This video is made by Yokohama city which hosts one of the largest numbers of manufacturing industries in Japan. There are around 6,000 manufacturing companies and 3,000 IT companies in the city. It aims to "create new business models" and "contribute to solving social issues" by "supporting the challenges that small companies encounter". There is a "Future House Project" introducing IoT technology in a residential building. Yokohama City and five companies are jointly collaborating in this project. Trailer-type houses have furniture with a variety of approximately 15 IoT technologies. By actually having people live here, the data of the indoor environment is obtained from temperature, humidity, and illumination. Vital data on the weight, blood pressure, sleep time, and life activity line are also recorded in cloud servers. This is the washstand. It will automatically measure the weight while standing in front of the sink. The mirror displays health data such as weight, sleep time and calories etc. Just by standing there you can always keep track of the information of your current condition every day. In Yokohama City, the increase of the elderly living alone is becoming a problem. It is necessary to create an environment to maintain the health of these elderly people and provide a comfortable and reassuring lifestyle. The accumulated data of the Future House Project will be useful for the future development of Yokohama City.