Japan intensifies promotion of its business, technology in India, Asean

With an aim to promote its products and technology, an interaction between Japanese companies and media from India and Asean was held in Tokyo. Catch Asia-Media Network introduces the activity of Japanese prominent companies and tourism of Japan. Also dynamic transformation of Japan toward 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Game is important information for Asian TV audience. This network is constituted by representative TV station and news agency in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao and Myanmar and organized by Japan international Broadcasting. In this event 6 presenters reported about political and social big event in each country and economic activity of Japanese companies. From India, Ravi Khandelwal, Executive Producer of Asian News International presented about close relationship between India and Japan. It derives from close friendship of Prime Ministers of both countries. This environment will provide good business opportunity to Japanese company. Suhana Sulatman, Assistant Director of Radio Television Malaysia reported big change of political force. Dr. Mahathir returned to political force. He cancelled High speed train plan penetrating peninsula. But he recited "Look East" which means to absorb diligence and smartness of Japan. Ms. Suhana suggested that Japanese company has more opportunity under Dr. Mahathir Government. From Thailand Mr. Worrapol Phutjoye of MCOT TV explained the pass away of King and new enthronement. It is the biggest event in Thailand. All prominent Broadcasters expressed condolence in the program and celebration of new enthronement. Also Social Networking Service (SNS) strategy of MCOT TV attracted Japanese audience. Rahmat Ibrahim is a News Producer of KOMPAS TV. He analized big economic growing will certify business opportunity for Japanese company. He explained about convenience of Mass Rapid Transit system. It will transport 300,000 passengers per day and solve heavy traffic congestion. He stressed importance 2 big events~ Asian games 2018 and Election in 2019. From Vietnam Nguyen Thi Minh Ha of Vietnam Television appeared with two consultants. She explained the success of Catch Asia-Media Network program. This half-an hour program attracted audience and provoked next business relation intermediated by consulting company. She asserted Catch Asia-Media Network should continue for one decade. National TV of Cambodia dispatched Chey Sorphea, Deputy Director General. He analyzed several Japanese company's activity in Cambodia. To enrich social life and make health growing of Cambodian economy more cooperation of Japanese company is important, he explained. From audience cooperative comment was sent to him. Shigeaki Suda, Senior Producer of JIB explained Kid's TV program in Vietnam. It aims to provide good education for kids through TV broadcasting. Other countries guest has strong concern to this project.