Japan is implementing a 4-day working week for all employees. Here’s why?

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Over the past few years, Japan has had discussions of implementing a four-day working week. After all, the lowest employee productivity is seen in countries with the highest working hours. In both public and working interest, Japan has officially decided to cut down work hours.

Japan to introduce shorter working days

The country has introduced several new annual economic policies and guidelines. It also includes recommendations on how companies should implement a four-day working week instead of the regular five-day week. Additionally, this comes at a time when Japanese firms have already modified their working hours due to the pandemic. “The government is very keen for this change in attitude to take root at Japanese companies,” said Martin Schulz, the chief policy economist for Fujitsu Ltd.

According to reports, politicians are trying to convince corporate management that factors such as flexible working hours, interconnectedness, remote working, etc will be in place even after the pandemic is under control. A four-day working week will help firms to retain their employees while giving them ample time for their obligations. Additionally, this policy will also help employees spend time with aged families and take up additional training or education. Employees will also benefit from a better work-life balance.

What are the benefits of a shorter working week?

Apart from a healthy work-life balance, a shorter workweek can increase productivity. Employees in a 4 day work week show higher overall productivity than those who work five days a week. Additionally, the government believes that an extra day off work will act as an incentive to go out and spend more money. This can aid in improving and boosting the economy.

It’s not just Japan that is thinking along the same lines. India could soon have a four-day workweek in all industries. Labor Secretary Apurva Chandra announced that the government is working on a new labor code. This could allow a four-day working week with longer working hours. She added that the weekly work limit will remain to be 48 hours. However, employees will have the choice of working at their ability. Flexible working hours and active days can be chosen by employees.

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