Japan holds 'Sanma' festival to celebrate arrival of autumn

Tokyo [Japan], Sep 30 (ANI): People have started wearing goggles to protect their eyes from the smoke of grilling 'Sanma' fish in Japan. Sanma is known as a fish that holds the significance of being the harbinger of autumn in Japan.

The 'Sanma Festival' is held every year in September in Tokyo's Meguro City. Around 5,000 Sanma is grilled on a charcoal fire and distributed to visitors at the venue filled with the smoke of the grilled fish.

Sanma is known for its delicious fatty meat.

"When autumn arrives, this fish is served in all homes across Japan. It really feels like autumn has arrived here," a visitor said.

Meguro is a small town far away from the sea, but renown for organising the 'Sanma festival'.

'Rakugo', traditional Japanese comedy storytelling is also featured at the festival wherein the performer tells a funny story through body action and facial expression that makes customers laugh their hearts out.

A famous Rakugo story is called 'Sanma of Meguro'.

"Sanma is a popular fish and I think it's the best season to eat Sanma. There are a lot of people who want to eat this fish during this season," said Kounosuke Oikawa, who participated in the festival.

The connection between traditional "Rakugo" storytelling and food culture is attracting the attention of foreign tourists as a sightseeing location in autumn. (ANI)