Japan Airlines' Baby Map Lets Passengers Avoid Crying Kids On Flights

David Moye
Little Girl Sitting Next To Mother Screaming On Airplane

They don’t give Nobel Peace Prizes to companies ― not yet, anyway ― but Japan Airlines has just taken a great step toward advancing the peace process.

At least on plane flights.

Passengers booking flights on the airline can now see a child icon that shows which of the other flyers are traveling with kids between the age of 8 days and 2 years old, according to CNN.

This means travelers can minimize their chances of having to deal with a crying baby or bratty kid that keeps kicking the back of a seat. 

Japan Airlines Baby Map.

This may sound like a godsend, but USA Today warns not to take the map as gospel, since the icon only appears when customers with children on a flight purchase seats directly from the airline’s website.

Also, the icons may not show up properly if there is a change in aircraft.

Still, even the possibility of a peaceful flight is definitely appealing to some travelers who suffered through a miserable ones because of small children.

Some folks also are saying that displaying tolerance and empathy would serve passengers better than a baby map.

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