JandK Police puts 'corona lockdown violator' stamp on hands of offenders

Jammu and Kashmir Police adopted creative means to put restrain on lockdown offenders. Ranbir Singh Pura police put stamps reading 'corona lockdown violator' on the hands of people in the city who are violating the coronavirus lockdown. Shabir Khan, SDPO, RS Pura said, "After the announcement of lockdown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we observed that same people are coming out several times. We thought of some ideas to restrict their movement as most of them are youth. We are using stamp on their hands which has permanent ink that takes around 15 days to erase. If the same person is caught against then we can take penalty measures against them." Police and administration are taking up strict and innovative steps to restrict people's movement on roads after India went under 21-days lockdown to control coronavirus outbreak.