Janai Wray, Self-Made Millionaire & Lawyer Started a Clothing Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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While most people become lawyers in their late 20’s, Janai Wray didn’t. She went to college at 16, law school at 21, and became an attorney by 23. On top of that, she launched a clothing line last year. In less than 8 months, Wray’s clothing line brought in over 200,000 dollars in sales and a billboard in Times Square.

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Wray wanted to be a lawyer since she was in the 6th grade. However, it wanot easy for her. Being financially challenged, pursuing law school was extremely hard. She was broke, so she started distressed denim as a side hustle.

My school would not allow me to work on campus due to my family's ‘financial status’ but I was a broke college student, so I had to do something. I distressed denim and sold it out of my dorm room,” Wray said.

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As soon as Wray opened her firm, she thought of other businesses she wanted to open. A clothing line was her dream project, but it was not until the pandemic that she had the time to do it.

Using her free time last year, Wray learned more about e-commerce, fashion, and denim. She then launched her clothing line Broken Land Co. in August 2020.

The brand started with 1,700 followers. As of writing, Broken Land Co. has almost 20K followers on Instagram. In less than a year, its following grew by more than 20 times. This is pretty amazing for a brand that started during the pandemic.

Offering couture-quality attire, Broken Land Co. sells denim tops, jackets, bottoms, and accessories. It also features printed bodysuits with top-of-the-line quality and design.

Wray may have become a self-made millionaire when she was 26, but it was not simply about the money. For her, helping people is what gives her the most joy. Wray knew how hard it was to achieve her dreams, so she wants to help others achieve theirs.

As a lawyer, Wray has helped collect over 12 million dollars in settlements for her clients. Through her clothing line, Wray helps thousands of women feel beautiful and confident. She also recently became a certified NBA sports agent, through which she aims to help current and aspiring athletes reach their dreams.

Based on these, Wray is helping a lot of people. So, if there’s one person who deserves all that success, it’s Janai Wray.

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