Jammu Air Force Station Explosion: FIR filed by J&K police; NIA team to probe the case

Jammu Air Force Station explosion: FIR filed by Jammu and Kashmir Police with regard to the incident reportedly points towards a 'terror attack'. National Investigation Agency team has reached the spot and is likely to take over the investigation. Times Now’s Mohit Sharma, Nikunj Garg and Pradeep Dutta with the latest updates. TIMES NOW's Pradeep Dutta further interacted with locals staying in the vicinity of Jammu Air Force Station where two low-intensity explosions took place today. TIMES NOW brings first images from the explosion site at Jammu and Kashmir Air Force Station. High-level Indian Air Force team to reach the site of explosion, Jammu Air Force Station. Times Now’s Padmaja Joshi with analysis. Disclaimer: 'Impact of blast' visuals yet to be officially confirmed. Watch the video to know more!

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