Jammu: 4 terrorists gunned down at Bann toll plaza; Nargota military station on high alert

An encounter has started between the security forces and terrorists near the Bann toll plaza on the Jammu-Srinagar national highway. The Nargota military station has been put on high alert. The quick reaction team has rushed to the spot and 4 terrorists have been gunned down in a three-hour-long encounter so far. Although the encounter is still underway.

Times Now's Pradeep Dutta brings more details from ground zero; reports, 'The search operations are underway right now and the security forces were able to neutralise 4 terrorists who were going in a truck towards Kashmir valley. The encounter had started at about 4:30 AM. It can be said that the terrorists were not successful in their attempt to sabotage peace in the Kashmir valley.

Times Now has also accessed fresh visuals from the site of the encounter where we can see the truck that caught fire in which 4 terrorists were travelling.