Jamir seeks clarity on peace parleys

Our Correspondent

Kohima, Dec. 21: Former Nagaland chief minister S.C. Jamir today said a solution to the more than 60-year-old Naga political problem could be achieved only with the consent of the Naga people and nobody could decide their political future unless given specific and legal authority.

In a statement, Myth and reality of Naga political solution, issued today, Jamir said the NSCN (Isak-Muivah) should tell the people about the status of its dialogue with the Centre on the peace process. "The statements made regarding the process have no clarity or transparency," he added.

The former governor of Goa and Maharashtra said there was no solution to the issue even after years of talks with the Centre, as some Nagas themselves had created roadblocks. "They (Nagas) have to blame themselves for the present political mess from which they are unable to escape."

The veteran Congress leader said the Centre had provided all possible avenues to bring the imbroglio to a logical conclusion but the mushrooming of factions and infighting had superseded the core issue. "The naked struggle for power has taken over the struggle for a political solution."

Jamir said the NSCN (I-M) could not hide the political reality from the people any longer.

Jamir, who is seen as anti-Naga by the outfit, said it would not be possible for a group engaged in the talks to impose any decision on the people.

He urged the Centre to open the doors to all other Naga militant groups as well.

"The government of India should tell the Nagas about the real status of the ongoing political dialogue. It should also make the parameters and constitutional boundaries clear so that there is no confusion. In the absence of demand for sovereignty and integration, the type of political framework to meet the demand of Nagas should be made known to them," he said.

Jamir said the discussion behind closed doors has to end. He warned that Nagas have waited too long and any delay in hammering out a solution would lead to serious and unforeseen complications.

"The economic growth of Nagaland which has been stunted because of uncertain political conditions cannot be delayed any longer. I urge the people to fearlessly speak their minds on the peace process," he added.