Jamia shooting: Insidious conspiracy by BJP to stall polls because of fear of defeat, says AAP

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AAP’s Sanjay Singh. Congress and Left also lashed out at the BJP

The Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress launched a scathing attack on the BJP and the Centre, linking the actions of the assailant who shot at a Jamia student to provocative speeches by its leaders. The Congress alleged the BJP was taking India back to the hate-filled years after the Partition, which culminated in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

“What happened in Jamia is a reflection of the atmosphere of hate and vitriol that the BJP-led Centre has created in the national capital over the past one month ever since the Winter session of Parliament ended. Now, is this a calibrated plan to polarise the entire country because the economy is in deep trouble... or is it only specifically aimed at the Delhi assembly polls, I think the jury will remain out on that for a couple of days,” Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari told reporters.

AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh said BJP was hatching an “insidious conspiracy and trying to stall the upcoming polls because of the fear of defeat, which is staring them in the face”.

Tewari said that “if somebody can actually pull out a gun in broad light with hundreds of people watching and with impunity try and go around shooting people, it’s a reflection of an atmosphere which has been deliberately vitiated... the current NDA-BJP government has taken back the country to those days when there was an atmosphere of hatred in the country against which Mahatma Gandhi fought and laid down his life.”

CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury said: “The hate-speech and call to violence by Union ministers and BJP leaders — along with the silence of the Prime Minister — has led to this shameful outcome. This is the kind of India this government wants to create.”

CPI’s D Raja said: “Today is Mahatma Gandhi’s martyrdom day. And Godse’s spirit... is emerging. It is all in the aftermath of provocative statements made by a minister and BJP leaders. They are instigating violence. Delhi Police will have to act against Union Minister Anurag Thakur and BJP Lok Sabha MP Parvesh Sahib Singh for their provocative statements.”

AAP’s Singh also said the “BJP is trying to create a riot-like situation in Delhi and they are hatching the most diabolical conspiracy by which they can destroy peace of Delhi”.

“AAP believes that the BJP fears its upcoming defeat in this election. Mr Amit Shah and senior Delhi BJP leaders started with inflammatory speeches at various rallies in Delhi. Then, senior leaders of BJP labelled the Delhi Chief Minister a terrorist and, lastly, when they realised that none of these dirty tricks are bringing them any political gains, they conspired to create a riot-like situation in Delhi by unleashing violence,” Singh said.

AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra tweeted: “When ministers in the BJP government and leaders instigate people to shoot and give incendiary speeches, then such incidents are possible. The Prime Minister should answer what kind of Delhi he wants to build? And whether he stands with violence or non-violence. Is he standing with development or anarchy.” Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan also urged the Home Minister to take action against the guilty person.