Jamia Millia reopens offices with 50% staff, employees above 60 work from home

New Delhi, Jun 5 (PTI) With relaxations in COVID-19 lockdown norms, the Jamia Millia Islamia has reopened its offices with 50 per cent staff reporting on a rotation basis, but employees above 60 years are working from home.

The university issued a formal order on reopening on Thursday even though its offices were back in operation from June 1, when the Unlock 1 kicked in. In the office order issued on Thursday, the university said employees who live in the coronavirus containment zones will work from home until their area is de-contained.

'No outside visitors will be allowed in any administrative building/other offices until further orders. The heads of the department/offices shall also identify and establish a central registry for receiving and dispatching Dak (posts),' it said.

All offices of the university are to be opened with 50 per cent staff from 9 am to 5.30 pm on all working days, the order said, adding the rotation of employees by 50 per cent will be decided by their Heads of the Department.  'It is advised that employees who are above 60 years of age may work from home,' the order said.

The retirement age for non-teaching staff is 60, while for professors it is 65. Vice-chancellor Najma Akhtar is above 60 and has been working from home. The deans of many other departments too are above 60.

All non-teaching staff of the university above the rank of section officers shall attend the offices on regular basis, the order said.  The teachers are also required to attend the department for official work as per assignment given by the HoDS, including their research work, the university said.  It also asked all HoDs to ensure social-distancing and wearing of mask. PTI SLB TIR TIR