James Corden Playfully Confronts Audience Member After Joke Fails


On Thursday’s Late Late Show, James Corden’s failed joke led to a confrontation between him and an audience member. During his opening monologue, Corden told a joke: “A new study says that emojis can help save people’s relationships… The professor behind the study claims visual communication is more understandable, and I think he’s right. I do because you know what I always say, ‘Top hat, ghost, lipstick, jack-o’-lantern.”

The joke was met with silence. Corden addressed the lack of laughter, saying, “We should hold a funeral for that joke.”

As he looked around, he saw a man in the audience and asked, “What were you staring at?”

It turns out the man was watching the teleprompter instead of the host.

Corden exclaimed, “No wonder the jokes aren’t getting [bleep] laughings. You are reading three jokes ahead.”

Then Corden challenged the audience member to tell the exact same joke. The audience member accepted and read the joke, getting a huge laugh.

The host then jokingly shouted “You bastard” and walked off the stage.

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