James Arthur quits Twitter over abuse and trolling

Katie Archer

James Arthur has quit Twitter again, saying he’s had enough of being trolled and needs to protect his mental health.

The former X Factor winner posted a final update on Sunday saying that the abusive comments “quite frankly f***in hurt” before signing over his account to his digital team.

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He wrote: “Have to be honest some of the things I read on here go a bit too far and quite frankly f***in hurt, if that was your goal you win.

“Maybe I should have thicker skin at this point I don’t know but either way this is my last tweet, I’m loggin off. Peace out Twitter friends.”

Arthur then clarified that there would still be some updates, but that they’d come from his PR team rather than him personally.

He had clashed with KSI fans in recent weeks after supporting Logan Paul in their boxing match, and supportive comments from Arthur’s fans after his announcement also suggested that trolls had targeted him with cruel comments about his grandmother.

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This isn’t the first time that Arthur has quit Twitter - in 2013, he made a dramatic exit from the site after a high-profile row with comedians Matt Lucas and Frankie Boyle, who called him out on apparently homophobic comments in a rap battle with Micky Worthless.

Arthur’s fans supported his decision to take a step back from social media for a while, sending him encouraging messages.

The Say You Won’t Let Go singer has spoken out about his mental health struggles recently, telling Metro: “I feel very equipped to deal with it now. Once upon a time I had no idea what was going on, I was having several panic attacks a day.

“Turns out I was smoking on an ungodly amount of weed, eating badly. I was setting off triggers and didn’t even know what triggers were.

“Everyday I wake up, I have to be aware of it. I guess it’s like addiction, if you’ve got alcoholism you have to keep an eye on your drinking.”