Jaipur man who wanted to start a new family kills wife and toddler

Jaipur: In the case of a brutal murder of a woman and her 21-month-old child, Jaipur Police have arrested her husband Rohit Tiwari and a contract killer.

According to the police, Rohit had strained relations with his wife, Shweta since their marriage and wanted to get rid of her and start a new family. For this, he had hired a contract killer, Saurabh Chaudhary, who happens to be the brother-in-law of Rohit’s friend.

Rohit has confessed about the killings and Jaipur police have arrested both, Rohit and Saurabh, for murdering the two on Tuesday. The role of the friend is currently being probed by the police.

According to Jaipur Police Commissioner Anand Srivastava, “The relations between Rohit and his wife and been strained since their marriage. He met Shubham at a hotel near Jaipur airport on January 3 to plan the murder and make it look like a matter of kidnapping and extortion. Rohit paid and amount of Rs 20000 in advance.”

Shubham had family relations with Rohit’s family and went to their flat in Pratap nagar on January 7. He hit Shweta with a heavy object and then slit her throat. He strangled the child and also hit him on the head with a heavy object. He also took Shweta’s phone and put her sim in a new phone that he purchased the same day. He then sent the ransom message for Rs 30 lakh from Shweta’s sim to Rohit. He sent another ransom message even after the child’s body was found on Wednesday, informed police.

CCTV footage had revealed that Rohit was in a meeting at his office at Jaipur airport at the time of the murder. But when the police questioned the neighbours it came forth that he was heard apologizing to his wife’s dead body when he came home. He kept saying, “Shweta I am sorry.”

Shweta’s parents had also told the police that they suspected Rohit to be behind the murder. They told the police that Shweta had called them two days before she was killed and said that her husband could kill her. There had been demands of money from Shweta’s family also.

Rohit worked in a nationalised oil company and had been transferred to Jaipur around a year and a half ago.