Jaipur: Day after mother's killing, toddler found dead, husband taken into custody

Jaipur: The woman and her infant son infant son have been found murdered within hours of each other. The 30 year old woman Shweta Tiwari was found murdered in her home on Tuesday evening while the 21 month old son Shubham was missing. The child was found in the bushes on an empty piece of land behind their apartment block on Wednesday. The husband Rohit Tiwari is a manager in a government oil company and was at work when the incident took place. The police has taken him into custody for questioning.

There was no sign of forced entry into the flat on the first floor of the apartment building and no valuables including the jewellery victim was wearing had been taken. The police believe that the murder has been committed by someone known to the deceased as two empty cups of tea and snacks were found. Shweta had been hit on the head by a pestle and then her throat had been slit with a chopping knife.

She was found by the maid when she came at around 4 pm. The husband was intimated about the murder by the police and when he reached home it came to be known that the child was missing.

A ransom message of Rs 30 lakh to given in two days in lieu of the child had been sent from the victim’s mobile to her husband. This strengthens the theory that it was someone known her phone had a screen lock.

Rahul Jain DCP Jaipur, “We initially believed that the child had been kidnapped and had started investigation. 100 teams had been formed to investigate. But now that the body has been found we are investigating the matter in view of the changed circumstances.” The police is checking the cctv footage of the building and surrounding areas to get some clue about the incident.

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