Jadugar Mandrake From Kolkata Goes Missing After Entering River Ganges in a Cage For a Stunt, Feared Dead

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Famous Indian magician Chanchal Lahiri, more commonly known as Jadugar Mandrake is feared dead after his stunt to enter the Ganges goes wrong. The 40-year-old magician from Kolkata entered the river Ganges in a cage with his hands and legs chained up. However, he hasn't returned which sparks fear about his death by drowning. Jadugar Mandrake has performed the same stunt at the same location about 21 years ago. Magician’s Escape Stunt Goes Wrong! Artist Rescued After Losing Consciousness in Water Tank; Watch Video.

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Chanchal Lahiri is famous by his stage name Jadugar Mandrake. He was performing a stunt which would see him escape from a cage underwater. For this, he was lowered by a crane into the River Ganges, with his hands and legs wrapped in rope and chains. A huge crowd including his family members and some media were around the river banks. However, he failed to emerge from the water. Soon a frantic search began to find him.

Watch Video of Jadugar Mandrake Walking Through Air:

"We are still searching," a family member was quoted to news agency AFP. Talking about his magic tricks Mandrake had earlier said in an interview that his magic can turn tragic if he cannot open himself on time. Mandrake had pulled out an exact similar stunt 21 years ago wherein he was locked in a bulletproof glass box and tied with a chain. He was dropped from Howrah bridge but back then he had managed to escape within seconds, as per reports. Invisible Challenge: Inspired by Netflix Show’s Fake Magic People Are Making Siblings Believe They Vanished (Watch Videos).

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However, his trick of escaping from boxes and cage structure has even been slammed before. During his similar stunt in 2013, he was assaulted by onlookers, as they clearly saw a door of the locked cage from where he escaped.