Jackson Gosnell at only 17 years old, brings an evolution to the world of journalism

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Watching news today can be quite overwhelming but Jackson Gosnell, at the age of 17 is a journalist who is creating an evolution to the presentation of news. With the current ongoing pandemic, calls for police reforms and an upcoming election which will shape the future of America, journalist Jackson Gosnell is trying to make the approach of giving information fun.

Jackson started his career when he was in high school and now is a correspondent with ‘Ticker TV’. His hard work and determination has led him to some successful paths as a journalist. Jackson at such a young age has had the opportunity to interview some of the high profile officials like the White House press secretary, Kyleigh McEnany. He has also interviewed celebrities, Carole Baskin from “Tiger King” most recently.

Jackson is quite the prodigy and understands that you have to “make people take you seriously”. He also shares, “people can underestimate the work ethic of a young person and it is such a shame.”

Jackson serves as a contributor for many networks across the globe. Gosnell’s constant attempt to bring more meaning to his piece and make it less dark by bringing a smile to his viewers face is the satisfaction Jackson receives from his work.

On the same note, he shares, “It is truly humbling to hear from people who enjoy what I do and it makes me want to do more and reach more people”.

The TV business is very competitive and you always have to be on your feet. “There will always be a better, more intelligent person out there but if you have personality, and something to offer the viewer, you can have a long-lasting and meaningful career,” he said in a past interview. Jackson is taking the world by storm and makes his fellow journalists proud of him as they appreciate the efforts he puts into his work.

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