Jackie Chan jokes that he might kill off Chris Tucker's character to do 'Rush Hour 4'

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment


Jackie Chan took time out of his interviews on separate TV shows to threaten to kill off Chris Tucker’s character in Rush Hour 4. Chan told the hosts of Today that he told Tucker to hurry up and agree to the film “before you get old.” He added that if Tucker doesn’t move forward soon, he’ll start the movie with a funeral for Chris Tucker’s character and have his character’s son take over.

The third installment of the Rush Hour franchise came out in 2007, and fans have been wondering about a new addition to the series.

Chan echoed the joking threat on Live With Kelly and Ryan, saying that he’s already approved the scripts, and adding, “I have been waiting for Chris Tucker. He seems retired.” Chan also gave a direct plea to Tucker, saying to the camera, “Hurry up.”

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