J.Lo destroys a mansion, sets cash on fire, and is basically just bougie in new 'Dinero' music video

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Back in January, Jennifer Lopez teased a collaboration with her fellow Bronx native Cardi B, and although she gave scant details, fans knew it was going to be something special. On Thursday, J.Lo finally dropped the project, a video for the song “Dinero” — Spanish for “money” — indeed featuring Cardi B, as well as DJ Khaled. And it’s the stuff of the bougiest dreamer’s dreams.

In the Joseph Kahn-directed clip, Lopez prances through a variety of near-ridiculous (OK, just plain ridiculous) scenarios that only someone with Richie Rich’s bank account could accomplish. She roasts marshmallows over a flaming pile of paper cash, spray-paints a Lamborghini, takes a pet ostrich for a walk, and bathes next to a unicorn.

To show off her extra-fabulousness, Lopez also barbecues steaks clad in lingerie while sipping out of a gem-encrusted Icee cup, rolls a crystal-covered bowling ball down her hallway, and plays poker with a bunch of shirtless hunks.

She and Cardi B end the day in bed in masquerade masks and bustiers, reading Time magazines with each other on the cover. Life certainly seems to be tiring at this level!

Between all the flashes of the good life, there were plenty of legitimately breathtaking dance sequences, which showed off the 48-year-old star’s boundless energy.

Predictably, social media went nuts for the over-the-top production, with everyone from stars such as Bebe Rexha to plain old fans of excess weighing in on the fun.

Perhaps the best tweet of all? Jersey Mike’s sub franchise did not miss an opportunity to point out what J.Lo was eating on the staircase in her evening gown.

Now if we only knew whether that sandwich was turkey, ham, or tuna… so the next time we’re feeling an urge to chow down in an evening gown, we’ll be right on trend!

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