J&K: A Viral Whatsapp Video Carries Delhi’s Brutal Message To Kashmir’s New-Age Rebels

Parvaiz Bukhari

SRINAGAR — Hours after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pulled out of their alliance with the People's Democratic Party (PDP), and brought Jammu and Kashmir under the direct control of their government in New Delhi, a video shot by an Indian soldier made the rounds on Whatsapp.

The 54-second clip carried a message no one in Kashmir missed: A lone two-storey house stands amidst green fields and tall poplar trees, a typical rural Kashmir landscape. Within seconds a missile hits its base blowing the house to smithereens, sending clouds of dust, debris and smoke into the bright blue summer sky, like a scene from an active war zone.

The soldier turns the camera to his face and smiles selfie-style. Frantic commands over wireless crackle in the background — "keep tight cordon, keep tight cordon" — lest any of the trapped militants survive and try to escape from under the debris.

The release of the video, a police officer admitted, was a strategic decision. The footage was shot in 2016 when Indian soldiers killed a hugely popular and charismatic militant leader, Burhan Wani in July that year. The ensuing anti-India protests overwhelmed government forces for months.

"Brace up for a lot of this in the coming days", a senior security official told this reporter, referring to the video. The resurgent rebellious mood in the valley will have to be turned again.


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