J&K Shopkeeper Converts His Car Into Ambulance to Help Covid-19 Patients

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Real‑life heroes are risking their lives for others by engaging in relief operations for Covid-19 patients during the pandemic crisis across India. One such example is Sajjad Shah. The Anantnag resident turned his car into an emergency vehicle and has been active in providing essential medical services free of cost.

A shopkeeper by profession, Shah witnessed heart-wrenching scenes during the second covid-19 wave that devastated the country in mid-April. Recalling one such incident, he said a Covid patient got stranded on KP road when his vehicle ran out of fuel amid lockdown. While trying to arrange for fuel, the patient’s condition began deteriorating. Shah took the patient to the hospital on his own vehicle. After the incident, he turned his car into an ambulance and he vowed to help the needy and ferry patients to hospitals free of charges.

Shah’s critical care services has saved the lives of hundreds of patients by getting them to the hospital on time. He also helps families of Covid-19 victims by transporting the bodies for the last rites.

Shah’s spirit to help those in need during crisis inspired several to join him. Known to leave immediately on emergency calls, he said that he has faced severe difficulties. However, seeing the pandemic crisis, he and his friend Danish push each other’s morale and get back to performing their duties.

His work is widely appreciated in his community. A local resident, Aqib said that when one of his relatives got Covid-19, he felt paralysed and couldn’t think clearly to help. But due to Shah’s timely help, his relative was saved and has recently fully recovered.

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