IYC launches 'Mai Bhi Nayak Campaign' in Delhi

New Delhi [India], Dec 4 (ANI): Indian Youth Congress (IYC) on Wednesday launched 'WAKE UP DELHI: Mai Bhi Nayak Campaign' for the ensuing Delhi elections here.

The campaign was launched to encourage the participation of youth in politics at the IYC headquarters here.

Adding that IYC invited applications and videos from the youth of Delhi and gave them a unique opportunity to state their concerns and plan of action if they become Chief Minister of Delhi for a day, the party, in a release, said: "As part of this campaign, the youngsters were asked to forward their videos and ideas about what they intend to do when they get the opportunity to become Chief Minister of Delhi for a day."

"The best idea submitted would then be chosen as the winner. The winner will be invited by the CM of Delhi if Congress comes to power. The winner will also get the opportunity to meet the Chief Ministers of Congress-ruled states," IYC said.

It added: "The youth of Delhi is infuriated with failure of Delhi and Center government to control rising air pollution which has been one of the gravest concerns in Delhi. It is disheartening for the youth to witness this state affair in hands of current politicians in Delhi."

It said that IYC will also launch mass activation programs across districts of Delhi to reach out and connect with youngsters of Delhi to ensure maximum participation in the campaign. (ANI)