IVF blogger dies during childbirth after years of trying to get pregnant

Catriona Harvey-Jenner
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Thousands of followers are mourning the loss of Spanish fertility blogger Vanessa Fernandez Arango, who died during childbirth earlier this month. Her baby son, Alvaro, thankfully survived.

30-year-old Vanessa, from Bilbao in Spain, had amassed 11,000 followers on Instagram after documenting her struggle to conceive with husband Jonathan Garcia. After experiencing difficulties getting pregnant - including two ectopic pregnancies - the couple underwent IVF. In May this year, Vanessa delightedly shared the couple's "happy ending", as she revealed she was finally expecting a baby.

"The beginning of the end. The beginning of feeling life and the end of suffering," she wrote on the Instagram post featuring the positive pregnancy test.

But devastatingly, the couple's "happy ending" didn't work out as hoped. On September 2, at 38-weeks-pregnant, Vanessa fainted and was rushed to hospital. There, they carried out an emergency c-section in a bid to save the unborn baby's life.

Baby Alvaro was born with serious health issues and was sent to intensive care, but Vanessa tragically suffered a cardiac arrest and died.

In a post on his wife's Instagram account announcing her death, Jonathan wrote in Spanish: "Thank you very much for the encouragement that you have given and for the gestures of love."

Following the release of the sad news, Vanessa's followers shared tributes and messages of support for her family. "How unfair. I hope you are very happy there in heaven," one follower wrote.

"Speechless. Very sad. May God enlighten you and strengthen you in these difficult times," another added.

In an upload a few days later also on Vanessa's account, Jonathan informed her followers of how their baby son was doing.

"I can finally [say] something positive," he wrote. "Alvaro is recovering little by little, he still has many tests and will stay for a while in intensive care, but it's a little step."

"Many thanks to all with all my heart," the grieving husband wrote. Of the "avalanche" of messages he received in the wake of Vanessa's death, Jonathan said: "You have helped me much as I hope that she helped you.

"I want you to know that I intend to continue with his dream of helping more couples on the hard road of being parents and that I will be here for everything you need."

Our thoughts are with Vanessa's family.

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